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Episode1Life is hosting an event where we give away $50,000 in prizes top prize being a 2017 Mercedes-Benz! Would you like to come for free? Here are the requirements for a free entry ticket. Live within 100 miles of Seattle Washington Have a Facebook account Have a minimum of 50,000 followers (with a majority based in Washington) Be willing to post on your social media platforms that you're going and how your followers can have a chance to go for free. This is a unique and exciting opportunity to attend an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime experience for free! On top of that you're able to reward your loyal followers with a chance to attend as well. We give away a free entry ticket every 1500 followers. Somebody has to win why not one of your followers. If you meet the requirements and you are interested send us with a link to your channel. Want more information? - Or simply do a Google search for Episode1Life (all one word) This is where they can send a link of their channel to -

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